Can you get withdrawal from CBD?

CBD studies on whether the cannabinoid can cause withdrawal are mixed, with some claiming that CBD users can have withdrawal upon discontinuing CBD use while others maintain that, unlike THC, CBD does not cause withdrawal. Here is all you got to know about the possibility of withdrawal with discontinued CBD use.

Many people who use CBD might discontinue the cannabinoid after some time and studies about the possibility of withdrawal are mixed. A MintLounge report showed that people who were on medical cannabis and CBD experienced withdrawal symptoms with discontinued use alike, suggesting that discontinuing CBD use might cause withdrawal. Meanwhile, other research papers state that discontinuing CBD after short-term use might not cause withdrawal. This article is all about whether CBD and medical marijuana can cause withdrawal and how to cope with the symptoms, should they come.

What Is CBD?

Although many people are into CBD and its products for general well-being or to improve their lifestyle, not everyone knows what CBD is. What is CBD and why do many people find it relatable? Based on Massi et al. (2006) and Bauer et al. (2020) studies, CBD is a non-psychoactive chemical compound in hemp and other cannabis plants. Such plants typically have cannabinoids or chemical compounds, totaling to more than 140 in nature. Each cannabinoid has unique properties and CBD takes the day’s cake for expressing the desired effects without making one high since it is non-psychoactive. Cannabinoids are non-psychoactive or intoxicating, so why else would CBD be unique and outstanding? According to Watt & Karl (2017), it is therapeutic and many users want to tap into the therapy, all the more why it keeps becoming more popular.

Why Take CBD?

Many people are already taking CBD products and while some take it occasionally, others have made it part of their regime. Do you want to join the CBD team and make it a part of you? You certainly care to know why you should take CBD. According to McCoy et al. (2018), cannabinoids like CBD can improve people’s lives, so you can look forward to different angles of improvement in life by taking CBD products. For instance, the JustCBD Sleep Gummies are designed to help you sleep better, a plus in life. Of course, if you don’t mind the bitter or earthy taste of CBD tinctures and full-spectrum oils, you can buy them from the JustCBD store since they are great at delivering CBD and allowing the effects to kick in. besides improving your quality of life, there is something else to CBD. According to Piomelli & Russo (2011), CBD can be uplifting, so many CBD users take it to boost their moods.

Cannabis Withdrawal

A substance withdrawal describes the set of physiological and psychological symptoms that one witnesses after discontinuing the substance use. According to a MintLounge (2021) report, substance users may not know that they are experiencing withdrawal symptoms upon abrupt discontinuation of the substance but people around them might be seeing the changes that they have after discontinuing the substance. The report found that in a study in which people were abruptly stopped from using medical cannabis, they witnessed withdrawal symptoms. More than 10% of participants experienced aggression, irritability, anxiety, lost appetite, weight changes, decrease in energy levels, mood issues, and sleep problems, among many other challenges, showing that cannabis withdrawal is real.

Do You Get Withdrawal from CBD?

Medical cannabis leads to withdrawal, how about CBD use? Do you suffer withdrawal symptoms upon discontinuing CBD use? So far, studies are mixed, and while some suggest that CBD use does not lead to withdrawal while others reveal otherwise. For instance, the MintLounge (2021) report quoted in the preceding paragraph noted that using CBD oil for pain management and discontinuing the cannabinoid might lead to withdrawal. However, according to Taylor et al. (2020), short-term use of CBD oil does not lead to withdrawal. The study looked at short-term CBD use in healthy individuals who did not experience withdrawal upon sudden discontinuation of the cannabinoid. Until more studies are conducted and sufficient scientific evidence is provided to support either side, it is impossible to certainly say whether CBD use causes withdrawal.

Can CBD Help You Manage Cannabis Withdrawal Symptoms?

Withdrawal symptoms like aggression, sleep problems, irritability, mental issues, and mood changes can be frustrating, especially if they last longer. The MintLounge (2021) report showed that medical cannabis can cause withdrawal and this is not new. Can CBD help a person manage withdrawal? Like CBD withdrawal, studies on the non-psychoactive cannabinoid helping with withdrawal from other substances are mixed. Some feel that since CBD is less psychoactive than THC in medical cannabis or marijuana, it might not help manage withdrawal. However, according to Werneck et al. (2018), CBD can help reduce relapses when discontinuing cannabis use. Still, this does not mean that one can use CBD as medication for managing withdrawal, primarily because studies on this are mixed.

How to Cope with Cannabis Withdrawal

Are you finding it to break free from cannabis or other substance use because of the serious withdrawal symptoms? Worry less; many people have had a hard time discontinuing substance use because of withdrawal. However, the following tips help you manage the symptoms;

  1. Exercise; distractive exercises like aerobics can help fight the uncomfortable moods and break the bad tendency that comes with substance discontinuation
  2. Healthy foods; while snacking and eating junk foods might help you forget about the mental issues you are having temporarily, the effect is short-lived. Focusing on healthy foods adds nutrients to the body and offsets the imbalance caused by appetite and weight loss.
  3. Get a support system; talk to friends and family; there is therapy in talking
  4. Use medication for remedies; you can visit a doctor to get medication and manage specific symptoms like sleep issues.

When to Ask for Help

While many may overlook cannabis or substance withdrawal, this should not always be the case. For instance, if the symptoms go past one or two weeks, you’d better visit a doctor and get medical advice. Sadly, the longer you use cannabis, the more tolerant you become, and the higher the chances of suffering from withdrawals that last long.


Medical cannabis and recreational marijuana cause withdrawal when one discontinues. However, it is unclear whether discontinuing CBD use can lead to withdrawal. One report found that it could cause withdrawal and another research found otherwise. This article helps you understand CBD and marijuana withdrawals, including how to cope with them and when to ask for help.


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