What does CBD feel like when eaten?

CBD oil tastes earthy and depending on the base carrier, it might also be bitter. Meanwhile, eating CBD as in CBD gummies, brownies, honey sticks, chocolates, and cookies allows you to enjoy CBD benefits with taste and flavors. This article helps you know how CBD oil and edibles taste.

Many people like eating CBD edibles like brownies, cookies, honey sticks, and gummies since they allow you to take advantage of CBD with taste and flavor. Unlike CBD oils and tinctures that are mostly earthy and bitter, CBD edibles are tasty and feature different flavors, mostly fruit-like. Thus, many people who want to enjoy CBD benefits but cannot keep up with the bitter taste of CBD oil opt for edibles. Peer into this article to know what CBD edibles feel like when eaten, helping you make an informed choice about whether to go for them or not.

Introducing CBD

Since CBD has become part of the mainstream and the supplement, food, skincare, and many other industries feature it, you certainly want to know what it is. According to Massi et al. (2006) and Bauer et al. (2020), CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid in hemp and other cannabis strains. Such compounds are more than 140 in nature but based on the two studies quoted above, CBD takes the day’s cake for its non-psychoactive nature. Besides, Watt & Karl (2017) found CBD therapeutic, all the more why many relate to it and its products. Another cannabinoid of massive scientific interest is THC. Schlienz et al. (2018) stated that THC is intoxicating and its presence in weeds leads to the high effect of smoking. McCoy et al. (2018) stated that cannabinoids, including THC, can improve one’s quality of life, but THC is not everyone’s cup of tea for its intoxicating nature.

How to Take CBD/ CBD Delivery Methods

Are you anticipating joining the CBD bandwagon? You better know which delivery method to go for. There are many ways to deliver the cannabinoid to the body, and manufacturers have maximized on them since CBD as a compound cannot be directly absorbed by the cells. You can ingest CBD edibles or capsules, sublingually or orally take CBD oils and tinctures, inhale CBD vape oils or high-CBD hemp flowers, or topically apply CBD creams. Ultimately, your ideal CBD delivery method depends on preferences and needs, which are informed by the pros and cons of each delivery method.

How Does CBD Oil Taste?

The JustCBD store offers full-spectrum CBD oil which you can choose to buy as the primary way to let CBD into your system. Before, you may ask how the oil tastes. Of course, the CBD oil taste has little to do with the benefits of the oil, but you don’t want to throw your money down the drains. Isn’t it necessary to buy what you are comfortable with? CBD products, specifically oils, and tinctures bear an earthy, nutty, r grassy taste from the hemp compounds making them up. However, the degree of each taste depends on the base carrier and the brand. Besides, CBD oils are bitter, especially when alcohol is used as the base liquid. Even when you go for flavored options of CBD oil, you will still feel the bitter and earthy tastes from afar.

How Does Eating CBD Feel?

CBD oils and tinctures are many CBD fans’ primary ways of delivering CBD to the body. Still, not every CBD user is home with the oils and tinctures because of the bitter and earthy taste. Thus, they opt for other alternatives that allow them to take CBD oil in a rather comfortable way; CBD edibles. The JustCBD gummies come in many fruity flavors, including worms and bears, and make great examples of CBD edibles or eating the cannabinoid. Still, you may want to know how eating CBD feels. Of course, they are sweet, allowing you to deliver the cannabinoid to the body with taste. Besides, CBD edibles come with flavors, mostly fruit-like, which many CBD fans enjoy.

Cons of CBD Edibles

Many CBD fans appreciate CBD edibles because they allow the user to enjoy the cannabinoid and take advantage of what it offers with taste and flavor. Still, this does not mean it is all merry with the edibles which also have their fair share of cons. The primary concern of taking CBD edibles is that they have compromised bioavailability. They require digestion for CBD to enter the bloodstream and the longer they take in the digestive tract, the more they lose potency. Besides, Bass & Linz (2020) documented a case of CBD toxicity in which an old fellow took many CBD gummies, totaling to 375 mg, and became unconscious. Although he recovered a day later, the report shows that taking too much CBD in CBD edibles than the body can accommodate may lead to detrimental effects.

Finding the Best CBD

There are many CBD companies in the hemp space, and finding the best CBD oils, edibles, and other delivery methods is not easy. The many companies allow you many options from which to choose but when each claims to offer the best product, it becomes more than confusing to find what you want. Still, focusing on the following properties allows you an easy time buying CBD products;

  1. Environmental factors; companies that use organic hemp and ingredients in manufacturing CBD oil boast high-quality products.
  2. Source of hemp; focus on companies that source hemp from the US for CBD products.
  3. Contaminant status; ensure the CBD brand you are buying CBD products from deals in contaminant-free products
  4. Cannabinoid profile; if you want the full entourage effect of multiple compounds, full-spectrum CBD products meet your needs
  5. Lab tests; 3rd party lab test results help you gauge how safe your CBD product is


CBD oils and tinctures are best for delivering CBD for their full entourage effect. However, they are earthy and bitter, and some users cannot keep up with them. Eating CBD, as in CBD gummies, brownies, and cookies helps you enjoy the cannabinoid with taste. Besides, many brands, including JustCBD offer edibles in flavors, allowing you to enjoy CBD benefits in style. Nonetheless, the edibles are slowly digested, yet the more they stay in the digestive tract, the more they lose potency.


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